Solution for companies that have organic waste from industrial production, agricultural by-products, animal waste or their own energy crops.

A solution resulting from the vast experience in the agro industrial sector, which aims to provide a system adapted to the needs and potential of each project.

This vertical of the business is capable of valuing different types of organic matrices:

Process Industries

Production of vegetable oils, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, rice and other cereals, dairy products, tomato sauce, among others.

Slaughterhouse Waste

Blood, fat, animal meal, viscera, rumen and others.


ETE, primary sludge, secondary sludge, and others.

Animal waste

Waste from swine, cattle, sheep, poultry litter, among others.

Agricultural Waste

Straw, stems, leaves, fruits, vegetables, tubers, and others.

Energy Cultures

Sugar cane, elephant grass, forage palm, sorghum, corn, triticale, among others.

Customized plants

The biomass volume is the basis for the amount of biogas to be generated by the plant. Our solutions for the agro industrial market are capable of designing plants with capacities ranging from 250 kW to over 10 MW.

Our services range from the analysis of the energy potential of the waste and the combination of different biomasses, to the feasibility analysis of the plant, through the engineering and construction stages to the monitoring of the operation, with biological and technical support.



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